Still life is almost always more difficult to get than photographing people, because people give you so much to capture within mili-seconds. So there is a greater challenge trying to give inanimate objects some kind of movement or life. 


I light smiling heads or talking heads more than anything else, and I still love it. I get to meet different people all the time, new environments and experiences.


I love lighting and shooting almost everything, even a milk carton, or a hamburger, but pretty is always nice.



Going places, especially by plane is tedious, and it's easy to miss the beauty of a place especially when you spend most of your time traveling-being in airports and hotel rooms. My sister takes selfies or pictures everyday, to help her remember life experiences.  The moments I remember best are those when I take a picture.


I aproach portraits differently than headshots. Certainly there are aspects between the two that are very similar, but by and large the purpose of a headshot is putting a face to a name-and that doesn't mean that you should use a selfie as opposed to a professionally crafted photograph. Also there are definitely times when it is more appropriate for a headshot to be a portrait.  A  portrait is in my opinion an inherently different discipline.

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